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The position of manager of a HCSSA team comes with a great deal of responsibility. The manager must serve the association in the capacity of team leader, role model, and liaison. The position calls for dedication, reliability, and effective communication skills. A manager is appointed or elected (formally or informally) to the position by the players of the team. The position must be filled prior to the draft and needs to be approved by the Association Commissioner. An Association Member is not allowed to simultaneously hold the position of Manager and Commissioner.

The duties of a manager include:

Team Leader

1)  Organize and maintain a team roster by drafting, recruiting, and signing players then submitting the proper documents (waivers) to the Association Commissioner


2)  Communicate directly with the Association Commissioner on all transactions involving players including trades, injuries, disciplinary problems, partings, and waiver signings

3)  Coach games – submit line up, keep score, report scores to Association Secretary, and make sure everybody gets into the game for requisite innings

4)  Insure that players use proper equipment like wood bats, regulation slow pitch softballs, and provide a new game ball for each home game


5)  Check to make sure that playing conditions are conducive to safe play and the field has been properly prepared for the game

6)  Inform players of all scheduled practices and games – time and location

Role Model


1)  Exhibit good sportsmanship, fair play, and abide by the Association’s rules and regulations while looking out for the safety and enjoyment of the other players – this takes precedence over winning games


2)  Help teammates understand and adhere to the Association’s playing rules and guidelines for fair play and good sportsmanship


1)  Attend all Board Meetings or send a designee to represent the team


2)  Communicate all pertinent information like rule changes, elections, practices, or special meetings to team members



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